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More to old age than meets the eye…

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Photo credits: Centre for Ageing Better – Age-Positive Image Library – Ageing in Lincolnshire

Colleagues at Christians on Ageing have posted a warm appreciation of Debbie Thrower's recent webinar talk on 'What makes for a hopeful older age? – An exploration.'

Chair of Christians on Ageing, David Jolley, has published his notes of what he particularly took from the exploration of a topic which drew a good-sized audience last month for the webinar held jointly by BRF's Anna Chaplaincy and Edinburgh-based charity Faith in Older People.

'Along with 45 others, I took part in this wonderful event, organised by Faith in Older People, led by Maureen O’Neill and presented by Debbie Thrower of Anna Chaplaincy. Debbie spoke with enthusiasm and kindness, sharing her scholarship and her passion.'




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