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Mother and daughter team at work in Hull

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

We’re so pleased to hear that Anna Chaplain Sue Hopcroft in Hull has her daughter Kathe working alongside her as an Anna Friend! Kathe Hopcroft was commissioned at the Thursday service at St Margaret’s Church, Longhill, by Canon Patricia Wick, Dave Evans a recognised parish assistant (RPA) soon to be a community lay minister and, of course, Sue herself.

Kathe sounds like a real ‘chip off the block’, as she loves talking to older people and has a passion for Messy Vintage. As Sue, said, ‘It was a very proud day for me as her mum’.

This is the first mother-daughter Anna Chaplain and Anna Friend combination we have come across. However, we do also applaud Julie Williams and her daughter Emily Kenward who are both Anna Chaplains within the charity Time to Talk Befriending in Brighton and Hove.

Fellow Anna Chaplains in East Sussex, Emily Kenward and her mother Julie Williams



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