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New activities from Christians on Ageing – join in and get writing!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

‘Many Anna Chaplains will be familiar with Christians on Ageing’s Conference Calls’, writes Christians on Ageing committee member Marian Shoard, ‘regular discussions open to everyone covering topics from how churches can best support older people in hospital to the importance of faith to black older Christians, as well as its annual conferences. This autumn Christians on Ageing is launching three new activities for its members.

‘Culture Club will be a bi-monthly Zoom event to discuss a recently released film, book, TV or radio programme or work of art which relates to older people and their interests and concerns in an interesting and provocative way.

‘Allelujah, directed by Richard Eyre and starring Judi Dench, released earlier this year will be the topic at the first Culture Club, on 8 September. We hope that participants will voice their own views about the quality of the film and its depiction of older people and their challenges, and we shall be joined by Catherine Shoard, the film editor at The Guardian, who visited the set and talked to its director and stars. We shall ask attendees for suggestions for the focus of future meetings but expect soon to examine the film The Great Escaper, starring Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson, to be released in October.

‘Many members of Christians on Ageing, dotted around the country are busy with a wide range of activities involving the church and older people. To find out more about what they are doing and to facilitate contact between them, in September Christians on Ageing will release its first Meet the Members – a short article (100–200 words) written by a different member on each occasion about their background and current activities relating to older people and the church.

‘Finally, in The Older Person who has Inspired Me, Christians on Ageing invites its members to share with other members a short article about an older person who has inspired them, whether their grandfather, a Greenpeace older activist or the manager of a local care home.

‘Both Meet the Members and The Older Person who has Inspired Me will be circulated directly to members by email or post bi-monthly.’

Debbie Thrower adds, ‘Christians on Ageing membership costs £18 a year and includes a host of other benefits, not least Plus magazine every quarter – a Christian voice for older people – edited by Joanna Walker and full of interesting news, articles and reviews.’




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