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New Anna Chaplaincy Lead for Cumbria

Samantha Pester, new Anna Chaplaincy Lead for Cumbria

Introducing Samantha Pester, Anna Chaplaincy Lead for Cumbria

Sam writes: 'I felt called to the role of Anna Chaplaincy Lead after being given the recommendation from a local Methodist Minister in Alston.'

'I feel very honoured to be the Anna Chaplaincy Lead for Cumbria and I am really looking forward to working with and supporting the Anna Chaplains and Friends who offer such a precious and important role in this unique ministry in Cumbria.'

Sam originally trained as an Occupational Therapist and became a Senior Therapist.

Having worked with people from all different backgrounds, some in very poverty-stricken circumstances, Sam has found that the offer of hope from God's love and the hand of kindness can bring a ray of light in a dark and often lonely place.

Sam has worked with the elderly frail and the older person suffering with dementia. She has worked with such people using memory boards, looking at photos from the past to encourage memory and a sense of wellbeing. She has also worked in acute hospitals and community hospitals, residential care homes and in private homes, with the older people after surgery, illness, falls, palliative care, and in orthopaedics.

Sam says 'I have a great belief in nurturing people in a person-centred way which gives the older person a dignity, and values their unique strengths and individual life. This is all part of the core ideals of Anna Chaplaincy. To look after the spiritual wellbeing for a person in their older years is to offer a celebration of who they are, as sometimes they may have lost their physical strength and often sadly their mobility and life can feel very isolating.'

Sam supports all the local churches in Alston - St Augustine's Church of England, St Wulstan's Catholic Church and the Methodist Church. She also goes to the churches in Melrose whilst on retreats there with her daughter.

Contact Sam via email.




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