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Next best thing to a personal visit – watch Anna Chaplain Wendy Gleadle’s messages on YouTube

Updated: May 16, 2022

During the past week, we have caught up with members of the network on three occasions as we held our regular Network Get Togethers. Each time we welcomed 12–20 or so people.

All sorts of ideas surfaced of new ways to minister more effectively among older people. For example, Wendy Gleadle, Anna Chaplain in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, is sometimes finding she’s not allowed to visit a care home because of the ongoing Covid restrictions. Unphased and undaunted, she records her messages for those residents – some living with dementia – who she normally visits in person.

You might like to use some of her very natural, simple, yet powerful recordings within your own care home settings where you minister? Especially if new Covid cases mean you can’t return on occasion.

There’s one on childhood memories and another one focuses on prayer. It would be worth making a note for next Easter of one video where she talks about the story of Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

Well done Wendy for making it look deceptively simple to talk to one’s iPhone and not look at all self-conscious!




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