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Norfolk begins to embrace Anna Chaplaincy

Gaye Hailstone

Network member Gaye Hailstone is delighted to see her diocese embracing the Anna Chaplaincy model. An article on page 8 in the current Autumn 2021 issue of PCC News describes how a new Anna Chaplaincy steering group has been formed. It quotes local clergy such as the Revd Madeline Light, recognising opportunities for Anna Chaplaincy to make a difference in her city centre church in Norwich. 'We look forward to the training the Anna Chaplaincy offers us to serve our city centre community better,' she said.

Gaye, meanwhile, based in the Yare Valley Churches Benefice on the outskirts of the city, reports that Anna Chaplaincy and her local churches' involvement is also featured in the diocesan prayer diary, week beginning 28/11 - 4/12. 'The prayer for Advent Sunday November 28 is:

When just a baby, Lord Jesus, your identity was grasped by the prophet Anna long of life and full of faith: be with all who support our older people that,, alive to the spiritual needs of those in their care, they may also be open to the gift of their insights.

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