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One last thing...

One last thing, - How to live with the end in mind by Wendy Mitchell, (Bloomsbury, 2023) has been published very recently.

Wendy has previously written two books with Anna Wharton and both were best sellers:

Somebody I used to know in 2018 and What I wish people knew about dementia from someone who knows in 2022.

I have all three books.

Wendy was diagnosed in July 2014 with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, at the age of 58. Since then she has been an amazing role-model having used technology very effectively to enable her to continue to live alone at home, and supporting multiple dementia advocacy groups. She is well-known for talking about living with dementia.

In this her third and final book she explores dying with dementia whilst she still can.

So many people avoid conversations about death but this book faces the inevitability with courage and explores subjects such as:

End of life care

Refusing treatment

Assisted Dying

Some of these topics are very controversial with people expressing strong, opposing, views. I recommend that you read this engrossing book and consider the implications.

Eileen Simmons - Anna Chaplain in Leigh on See, Essex.




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