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Ooh la la! - Bristol's 'Holiday at Home'

Les vacances en France!

The Anna Chaplain for North-East Bristol, Anne-Louise Critchlow, sends us news of her 'Holiday at Home' at Quakers Road Church Centre:

'Yes! Our theme was all things French – French flags, quizzes, maps, famous paintings and jigsaws. Not forgetting Au Clair de la Lune and Les Boules – not to mention a bit of ‘Vin blanc’.

About forty people gathered for a Holiday at Home on Tuesday August 22 at the Church Centre, Quakers Road, to have a lot of fun together. It was specially aimed at those in the community who could not leave home for a holiday... but whoever came had a good time. We had visitors from local care homes and independent living homes too, some of whom already come to our monthly Vintage Adventure.

We enjoyed 'Songs from the Musicals' beautifully presented to us by Anita; individual flower arrangements with the French flag colours; card making; armchair hockey; Bingo, some Beatles songs; a 'Thought for the Day' from the vicar; and a lovely lunch with quiches, new potatoes and vegetables, and some jelly, fruit and cream to remind us of Blighty. And, what's more, there was accordion music in the background played by Marilyn while we ate.'

Although the Anna Chaplain for North East Bristol organised it, she said 'it was great to have to a whole team from the Church Centre at Christ Church, Downend, giving their time and expertise freely and serving refreshments throughout the day.'

'People experienced fun and friendship and enjoyed themselves. Several guests said they would like to come to our Vintage Adventure in the future' added Anne-Louise.




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