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Positively rural

Join a webinar reflecting on rural ministry among older people

Across the UK’s network of Anna Chaplains are many individuals working in rural communities – from Northumberland to Norfolk, from the Derbyshire Dales to Dartmoor, older people living in remote communities experience distinctive joys and challenges, and their Anna Chaplains are seeking to respond positively and sensitively to their spiritual needs.

BRF Ministries is delighted to have been invited to present Anna Chaplaincy at a webinar hosted by Methodist Learning Network’s group Positively Rural. The webinar is at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 10 January and is open to anyone interested in the spirituality of older people in a rural context. Julia Burton-Jones (training and development lead for Anna Chaplaincy at BRF Ministries) will introduce Anna Chaplaincy as a model of ministry before inviting Anna Chaplains from Cumbria and Devon to share their experiences of working alongside older people in very rural communities. There will be space for discussion in breakout rooms and a panel discussion.

To book a place, click here.



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