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Postal outreach

In light of everything being distanced this year, Julie and Emily, our Anna Chaplains from Time to Talk Befriending in Sussex, embarked on a postal outreach rather than hosting a series of Christmas events.

‘Thinking of you at Christmas’ packages were sent out to volunteers and scheme members in the hope they would help people to feel valued and remembered this Christmas. Almost 1,000 packages were distributed by Royal Mail, and the responses have been heartwarming to receive:

‘Surprise package on doorstep was just what I needed. I was having a really low day.’
‘Overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and so glad to get the poem about peace.’
‘Such joy.’
‘It means the world to be thought about.’
‘So beautifully thought-out and considerate.’
‘A pure delight, so meaningful and thought-out.’
‘It came just at the right time as I needed some cheer.’
‘It is really appreciated and makes me feel valued!’



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