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Praise him, praise him, with privet or palm!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed there hasn’t been the usual number of stories posted lately. That’s because I’ve been taking some annual leave (writes Debbie Thrower), part of which was spent in France.

I was there for Palm Sunday, where, instead of the palm crosses I’m more accustomed to, churchgoers in the town of Burgundy (where I was staying) were offered branches of privet. A whole stash of them remained in church throughout Holy Week and it was a common sight to see someone carrying a baguette home from the boulangerie as well as a snippet of privet!

Author of ‘Holy Habits’, Andrew Roberts

As I caught up on BRF’s newsletters since my holiday I noticed the lovely Palm Sunday article by Andrew Roberts – author of BRF’s Holy Habits – describing his experience of leading worship in a care home recently. Do read it if you haven’t already done so. It really demonstrates how much congregations in care homes are a valuable part of the body of Christ.

A very happy Easter to you, wherever you worship God and praise him this season.

Privet growing plentifully in my garden, a shrub which will have fresh associations for me from now on!




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