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Prayer for a Covid vaccine

(Photo credit - Centre for Ageing Better)

Prayer for a Covid Vaccine,is by Carol Orsborn

Dear God,

Help me to remember that you love me unconditionally, caring not for appearances of mastery and success, but for the long game: the grinding of the rock of ego to the luminosity of soul.

Help me to withhold my comparison to others who have already received the vaccine, refraining from seeing myself as less worthy. If I were to look deeper to the truth, I would see individuals who get it before me not more beloved or worthy, but luckier, needier, or more essential to the needs of the moment. I understand that luck is a code word for God, so I will rest faithful in this sacred opportunity for growth, appreciating all that I am and have as well as all that is yet to be accomplished in your name. I hereby trust life enough to allow anxiety and impatience, whether justified or not, wash over me and celebrate that God believes in me as much as I believe in God. Carol Orsborn, Nashville, Tennessee, January, 2021

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