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Prayers by post

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Another resource that network member, Lindsay Pelloquin, would like to share more widely comes from the midlands-based charity, The Prayer Trust.

Priced at a few pence – most booklets and bookmarks are well under a pound – founder Father Pat Sayles's range of prayer books and stationery can be posted to you directly and in quantity if you want to stock up!

From prayers 'for work', for 'moving on' for school leavers, to others suitable for those who are bereaved or are just having 'difficult days', these are items to lift a recipient's heart if sent with a personal message.

Lindsay explained, 'Fr Patrick Sayles has written a large selection of very low cost prayer booklets on a variety of different themes which can be seen on the website and then ordered from him.

'The booklets have beautiful pictures and prayers about all aspects of life. I like to give them to residents, or sit and read the prayers to them and look at the pictures together. During the pandemic, I have put them in the post to people who have lost loved ones.'

The Prayer Trust was started in 2000 and the website explains how, 'having spent years in Peru as a Columban Father, Fr Pat is aware of the uplifting  power of prayer across the world'. 

Lindsay added, 'He is a lovely man and whenever I order from him, he sends me a personal letter telling me he is praying for me.'



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