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Record numbers for Anna Chaplaincy training

Saturday, (11 December 2021) saw the last of the Anna Chaplaincy online courses for this year. The majority of the courses have been presented by our church lead, Julia Burton-Jones. In the regions some network members have also led some.

Several guest Anna Chaplains have kindly given their time to also join some of the sessions to add practical ‘on the ground’ experience. This has been much appreciated by participants.

In all, 2021 has seen

  • Twelve courses completed (four national ones, three in Kent, three in Cumbria and two in Wales)

  • 124 learners now trained

So far, dates have been set for seven new programmes in 2022 (four national, two in Kent and one in Wales) with more likely to be offered.

Julia Burton-Jones

Feedback for all the courses has been very good, for example:

  • ‘Brilliantly led’

  • ‘I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite feeling a bit apprehensive at first. I enjoyed meeting everyone and listening to their very diverse experiences and stories. It is wonderful to have such a fantastic network across the UK. It also answered a lot of my questions.’

  • ‘I am very glad that I signed up for the course... very informative and interesting.’

If you are already an Anna Chaplain, a network member, or are seriously considering becoming an Anna Chaplain, and would like to enrol then do contact us.




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