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Simple to give and rewarding to know you’re making a difference

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

There’s an art to designing a web page that makes it really easy to donate a gift! BRF is delighted that the new Donate page on the charity website makes it simpler than ever to click and contribute to the ways each of BRF’s ministries – including Anna Chaplaincy – have an impact on people’s lives.

We know that’s true from the recent increase in donations – both big and small – from people finding their way to the web pages and giving much-needed funds to our work.

Without the financial aid we receive we couldn’t employ the team we have, for example, answering phone calls from those inquiring about how to become an Anna Chaplain; or providing the coordinator time it takes to help people get on our training courses; or sending out the paperwork that enables them to use our trademarked name in their ministries.

Your donations allow us to run more ‘Introductions to Anna Chaplaincy’ online for people wanting to know more. All of this results in more people volunteering to support older people in their communities as well as, in some cases, allocating precious church funds to create new paid posts for Anna Chaplains around the country.

The Anna Chaplaincy model is a tried-and-tested approach to boosting more ministry among people in their later years whether it’s in the countryside, in suburban contexts or inner cities.

‘From a good, clear, user-friendly Donate page stems all the good work that you are seeing which can really “make the day” of an older man or woman who might otherwise not have seen anyone that day,’ writes Debbie Thrower. ‘Loneliness is a scourge of our times and Anna Chaplaincy is a practical means of combatting the effects of such painful social isolation.’

‘For just a few pounds – committed each month by becoming a Friend of Anna Chaplaincy, for example – you contribute to a regular income stream we can rely on that affects the quality of people’s lives in the many towns and villages where each Anna Chaplains are based. We’ve just past the 300 mark in the network and that’s real cause for celebration,’ said Debbie.

Last month, we sent a ‘Thank you’ to all of our Friends of BRF (supporters who give a regular gift, whether monthly, quarterly and so on). For each Friend, this year’s ‘Thank you’ consisted of a specially designed card, a packet of seeds, a complimentary tea bag and an informative postcard about the work of our ministries.

We’ve been very touched that several of our lovely supporters have kindly taken the time to phone or write in to thank us for this,’ said the head of fundraising, Julie MacNaughton.

‘It is incredibly important that the many individuals and churches who support us financially feel valued and cared for in their journey with BRF, as well as sufficiently informed of the work that we are able to do through the funds that they generously provide, so it is really encouraging that this has clearly been well received!’




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