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Sunday saw two new Anna Chaplains commissioned in Devon and Hampshire

Warm congratulations to Joyce Capello who has been commissioned as an Anna Chaplain in Paignton, Devon.

Joyce has been a licensed lay minister (reader) in the Exeter diocese for twenty years. She already has a thriving ministry among older people in her seaside area and has completed her training including the online AC course.

The latest figures show there are some 50,300 people living in Paignton, with more than 1 in 4 residents in the area aged 65 years and over. In the Torbay area as a whole, 26.5% are aged 65 years and over, compared to 18.1% across England.

Meanwhile, we were also delighted to see Carol Kidd commissioned in West End, Hampshire this past weekend. Carol, a former midwife (see last week’s blog about her call to Anna Chaplaincy) was well-supported at the service at St James’ Church, West End, by local colleagues. Carol is also an Anglican licensed lay minister (LLM/reader) as well as an Anna Chaplain.

Carol Kidd (2nd from the right) with supporters including fellow Anna Chaplains in the area, as well as Canon Dr Erica Roberts –Southampton's City Chaplain for older people (far right).



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