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TakeTime meditations inspire Hampshire chaplains

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Anna Chaplains Karen Markiewicz, Helen Bradish, Kate Powell and Julie Slade meet Revd Clive McKie from TakeTime at Alton Methodist Church.

Alton Anna Chaplain Kate Powell recently arranged for Revd Clive McKie from TakeTime to speak to a gathering of Anna Chaplains from the Hampshire area.

A Methodist minister in Surrey, Clive developed simple meditations based on his experience of Ignatian spirituality and has used them extensively in his work as a prison chaplain. Since receiving funding in 2018, he has been able to take the meditations to schools and to major Christian festivals as well as local churches. There is now a national network of practitioners.

Clive was able to share with the Anna Chaplains some of the remarkable stories of those with whom he has worked. God has clearly been at work as Clive has followed his vision of enabling people of all backgrounds to encounter Jesus.

There are meditations of varying lengths available through the website. Inspired by Clive’s words, the Hampshire Anna Chaplains discussed if, and how, they might be able to use the meditations in their own contexts, where a simple alternative way into prayer might be valuable.




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