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  • Debbie Ducille

The kings at Epiphany

Anna Chaplain Joan Grenfell sent us this lovely reflection for Epiphany this week: what a great way to invite those living in the care home into a deeper, spiritual conversation around this story. Thank you, Joan – it’s not an image or idea we had come across either, and the figures taken in with you are beautiful.

Joan reflects:

‘As you can see from the image, I had on the table Mary and the child Jesus as well as three kings and a camel. Fairly straightforward, you might think… well not quite. The three “kings” taken from one of my nativity sets were children… children wearing their crowns and bringing their “treasures” to give to Jesus.


‘We know what the “treasures” of the adult kings were, but what about the children? The figures gave us the opportunity to think about what the children had brought: a cherished teddy bear; a favourite blue car; a “surprise” in a box tied with a pink ribbon.


‘We thought about how important a child’s teddy bear can be: taken everywhere, a comforter at night, and if lost… catastrophe! A favourite toy car, always the first to be played with and loved above all the others in the box! And a “surprise”… who knows what “treasure” that box contains!


‘It was interesting to think about the children’s gifts and to wonder about what “treasure” we might give to Jesus. Our final reflection was that at the Epiphany, Jesus was revealed to the world… including the children, the children for whom Jesus had a special place in his heart. 


‘This was the first time I had thought of the kings being anything other than adult, and it certainly gave me, and I believe the residents, something to think about.’





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