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Thoughts on a benign universe…

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Strolling past the (temporarily relocated) Church House bookshop in Westminster the other day I noticed Eddie Gilmore’s new book The Universe Provides (DLT, 3023) on prominent display.

Fans of Eddie Gilmore’s writing – you might have read my review of his book Looking Ahead with Hope to which this is a sequel – will not be disappointed. Eddie spent many years working for the disability charity L’Arche and is now CEO of Irish Chaplaincy. He travels widely and likes nothing better than a chat, and a sign song if possible, along the way.

At a time when the world can seem anything but benign – the cost of living crises, violent conflicts, risks posed by climate change and nuclear threats all crowding the headlines – a book subtitled ‘Finding miracles and inspiration in unexpected places’ might go some way towards restoring one’s faith in human nature… not to mention a providential creator.

The book is dedicated to his Irish mother Alicia Gilmore. Coincidentally, she had shared my own late mother’s birthday, though they were born a decade apart; my mum was ten years old already when Alicia (nee McStay) was born.

This paperback contains all sorts of stories of prisoners, travellers and seniors, (even Kylie Minogue via the radio!); each an encounter which arrives out of the blue, as ‘gifts from the universe, which truly provides when we open our hearts.’




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