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Two's Company

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The charity Linking Lives UK has launched a telephone befriending service. Linking Lives is part of the coalition – Christians Together Against Loneliness – to which Anna Chaplaincy belongs.

How will it work?

Two's Company is a new telephone befriending framework compiled for use by local churches and Christian organisations, which is safe and easy to use. Resources needed by a local church to set up a project are:

  • Coordinator

  • Willing and vetted telephone volunteers

  • Dedicated freephone number (advice provided)

Linking Lives UK will provide:

  • Training for coordinators (via video conference call)

  • All necessary documents and publicity

  • Guidance and advice

Charity director, Jeremy Sharpe, explains: 'This framework is based on Linking Lives' existing approach to home visiting, which we have been operating for the past six years. It has been adapted specifically to focus on telephone befriending and has been piloted in four communities in the UK prior to launch.'



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