The Summer of Her Life


Cheltenham-based member of our Anna Chaplaincy Working Group, the Revd Brian Dunlop, rates highly a new graphic novel published recently.


It's called The Summer of Her Life by Thomas von Steinaecker and Barbara Yelin (artist) and came out in May 2020. Brian writes:


'This is an extraordinarily moving graphic novel, in which a successful German scientist, Gerda Wendt, reviews her life through flashbacks as she sits gently in her retirement home. Her reflections on whether or not she has led a good life touch on many of the concerns and joys that Anna Chaplains are privileged to share. The story clearly but subtly demonstrates the search for an individual spirituality that so often occurs in later life.


'The beautiful illustrations and the clarity of the story has one returning to this deceptively simple looking book, time and again. It is blessed by a wonderful translation. Ideal reading for Anna Chaplains with a cup of tea, when they are just wondering what they were really called to do.'

This title can be ordered from Self Made Hero.

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