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People living with dementia are often restless and can pluck at their clothes and bedding. It has been found that if they have something to hold or twiddle with they are stimulated and become calmer. 

Many hospitals are looking for people to knit hand muffs with interesting bits and bobs attached inside and out - ribbons, buttons, threads, beads and so on. The hand muffs are basically knitted tubes from wools of different colours and textures, and in different stitches. These could also be donated to local care homes.

One group that has responded to this challenge is the 'Twiddlemuff' group from Helmsley Methodist Church. This group is not only knitting hand muffs but also prayer shawls, an idea from minister Revd Jacky Hale. A button, bead or similar is added for each person you want to pray for.

There is no end to your creativity. These brightly coloured twiddlemuffs were made by knitters in Fleet and Church Crookham in Hampshire. They come from church groups, other local craft groups and individuals.

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