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Those of you interested in activities that benefit brain function in later life may enjoy learning more about Brainfit Connect, which aims to improve the quality of life of older people in a residential or care home setting.

BrainFit Connect provides residents in care homes, ‘even those with mild to moderate dementia’, with:

  • an extensive range of mentally stimulating activities

  • connections with the wider world through easy to use touch screen technology.


It has been designed to keep brains ‘active and stimulated through the enjoyment of using digital touch-screen technology even if they are experiencing mild or moderate dementia. Their levels of personal interaction and mental wellbeing will improve through harnessing the today’s technology to deliver stimulating, meaningful and enjoyable activities.’

Meanwhile, Dr John Kelly has written, Whole Brain Learning and Teaching: A practical introduction for all ages, parents and teachers, in the Transforming Futures Series. 

This title can be ordered from Fingerprint Learning

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