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Care home connections via - Alexa!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Care Home Connections has launched a new fundraising campaign to harness the technology of cloud-based voice services such as Alexa. Watch a video for more information.

Care Home Connections, with the backing of Aviva Community Fund, believes, 'There is an alternative to video calls that, once set up, requires minimal help from staff and enables residents and their loved ones to connect whenever they want, using voice enabled assistive technology. Perhaps the best known of these is "Alexa".

'Using this technology, relatives and friends  can "drop in" on residents virtually and create treasured moments. Voice calls can be less intrusive than video, and less confusing for residents who may find video technology too much, but understand the concept of a phone call. Plus it uses less bandwidth on the Wifi.

'We want to enable as many residents and relatives as possible to have these treasured moments together during lockdown. For residents with dementia this could be through singing or reading poetry.'

I have a friend (writes Debbie Thrower) whose father is in sheltered accommodation and she says such technology has revolutionised his world, helping him feel more connected and in control. He is fascinated by the way he can summon answers to some questions he might have, request music he would like played and keep in touch more easily with his relatives.

How might donating to this cause help?

Those behind the idea are aiming to raise four thousand pounds, saying, 'We will buy assistive technology devices and give them to relatives of care home residents, with instructions for relatives and care home staff on how to set them up and use them. We will have a team of trained volunteers available to offer technical advice and support.'

Care Home Connections is an initiative of the charity Embracing Age incorporating Care Home Friends.



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