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Dates for your diary – Christians on Ageing conference calls for the new year

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

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Christians on Ageing has announced a programme of Conference Calls for the first three months of 2023, so make a date to join them for a wide range of relevant topics.

Host and chair of Christians on Ageing, Dr David Jolley writes in this month's newsletter: 'These became a feature of our activity in response to the restrictions we all had to endure during the Covid-19 lockdowns. We called them Conference Calls because they were like having a meeting without being in a real room together through the fantastic new technology provided just in time by facilities like Zoom or Teams. In the last two years, there have been around two dozen sessions. The wide range of topics and the results of each discussion have been reported on our website; you can read all about them by using this link.'

A series of new Conference Calls has been arranged for the first half of 2023. Why not register your interest or book a place?

Conference Calls are open to all and are free via a Zoom link which is provided nearer the date. Each Conference Call starts at 10.30 am and ends around noon. The discussion is introduced by an expert in the field.

17 January 2023 Dementia-friendly churches

Revd Gaynor Hammond

Gaynor Hammond is now ‘retired’ from her work as a Baptist minister but remains active in many things, most particularly in encouraging the growth of dementia-friendly environments. Before entering the ministry, she was a dementia project worker – and brought to her ministry knowledge, compassion and determination which inspired her own churches to become dementia-friendly. From them, many other churches have learned how to do it. Her booklet: ‘Growing Dementia-friendly churches’ was published by Christians on Ageing with Faith in Elderly People and MHA and is available from Christians on Ageing. Gaynor will review her own experience, beliefs and hopes for the future in this field.

21 February 2023 Accessible communication for spiritual health

Dr Katharyn Mumby

Katharyn writes: My heart lies in practical spirituality and ministry. I have a long career as a speech and language therapy clinician-researcher, offering experience and communication expertise within the NHS, third-sector organisations, further education, and now within independent practice. I am particularly interested in adjustment processes after trauma or loss, with the impact of communication impairment and neurological change, and holistic care including spiritual health. These themes cross into my voluntary role as a Licensed Lay Minister in the Church of England. I am drawn to working with people on the boundaries and finding ways of being unconditionally inclusive. Katharyn will speak to the evolution of her understanding of communication and spirituality from her clinical, research and pastoral experiences. She will be pleased to discuss the observations of others attending the session

21 March 2023 Light of Faith – Reflections on growing old by Bishop George Appleton

Dr David Jolley

Bishop George Appleton CMG, MBE 1902–93, studied at Cambridge University and was ordained an Anglican priest at 23. His war years were spent in Rangoon. He became archbishop of Perth aged 62, and the second archbishop of Jerusalem aged 66. He was truly ecumenical and had knowledge and interest in many faiths. His life and writing brought hope and maturity to many. The death of his wife, Madge, after a long illness, brought him deep loneliness. He wrote the booklet Light of Faith – Reflections on growing old for Christians on Ageing not long before his death. In it, he reflects upon his life’s experience, things which he had read, pain, depression, memory, the future and facing death. The booklet is available from the Christians on Ageing bookshop.

David Jolley – currently chair of Christians on Ageing – will read through parts of the booklet and invite observations from people on its words and the topics as they are addressed.

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