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Dementia training that’s highly recommended

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Emily Kenward, at Time to Talk Befriending on the south coast, reports how much she and her staff team have benefited from one form of dementia training.

Much of the key ‘take-away’ points are delivered by people actually living with the condition themselves.

Emily said: ‘I undertook a day of dementia training recently which I have to say was excellent! The training is very much led by people who are living with dementia. It was very thought provoking and a lot of what we have learned has really stayed with us. The training is available in person or online.’

It is run by a friend of TTTB (where three Anna Chaplains are based, including Emily, the charity’s founder and chief executive). Contact Fran Hamilton for more details.

The training is not faith-based, Emily says. ‘It is very good, so I thought I would share it with you just in case it is of interest to you, or others in the network.’ A day’s training costs £400 – do take a look at the training course if you might be interested.




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