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Fancy a weekend away learning about Anna Chaplaincy?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

The scenery surrounding Cliff College
Debbie Thrower

Residential weekend

For just £180 you can enjoy a weekend in the beautiful Peak District discovering more about spirituality in later life from Anna Chaplaincy pioneer Debbie Thrower.

The Cliff College Introduction to Ministry Among Older People is on 14–16 January 2022. The cost includes your accommodation and meals. There are breaks in the timetable for relaxation.

The weekend short course aims to cover some of the key issues surrounding ageing in the UK, such as the changing demographic, what is distinctive about the spirituality of ageing, as well as introducing the Anna Chaplaincy approach.

As we are a rapidly ageing population here in the UK, living longer offers the prospect of going on growing spiritually, as well as raising other emotional, physical and economic issues for the individual. How can we best support older people while celebrating their longevity? It should be a time of life offering a spiritual dividend of wisdom and experience.

Who is the weekend for?

  • Those engaged in some form of work among older people.

  • Those supporting people in their later years.

  • Those of us interested in our own ageing process and the changing nature of our spirituality as we get older.

  • Those wanting to reflect on their own ministry among older people.

What subjects will be covered over the weekend?

  • Why bother with old people? The ageing demographic.

  • The theology of ageing and what’s distinctive about our spirituality as we get older?

  • The Anna Chaplaincy approach to the spiritual care of men and women in their later years. Why Anna?

  • How can we help the aged not just survive but thrive, and make their fullest contribution to the good of society as a whole?

  • Practical ways of knowing your ‘patch’ and discerning the precise needs of those in your community, plus imaginative means of appealing to the baby boomer generation as they become the next Third and Fourth Agers.

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