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Finding the right words when faced with grief…

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Anna Chaplaincy: Grief Conversations

Grief Conversations was written to help those bereaved through the pandemic – and whose pain is still raw despite the passage of time – to feel better supported, understood and that little bit less alone. Still available free to download from the Anna Chaplaincy website, the book is proving helpful for many. One of the authors, Gail Millar of the charity Befriended writes:

‘The impact of the Grief Conversations book continues. I run the Bereavement Journey course at regular intervals throughout the year and each of our attendees has received a copy of Grief Conversations thanks to the generosity of BRF. Everyone is so appreciative of having the book but for some it is life-giving.’

Here’s what some readers of Grief Conversations have said:

‘I can’t tell you how much your book has helped me. I lost six of my closest family during the pandemic and I thought no one else out there understood the pain I am in. In your book, you tell a story which could have been mine. I know the pain they experienced, it has given me hope knowing I am not the only one who lost so many loved ones.’

‘Thank you for the gift of this wonderful book. It is simple yet so practical. I have been able to relate to so many of the stories.’

‘I took a book to give to my neighbour but I had a read of it myself first and realised that I had a lot to learn in how I speak and support my neighbour who is grieving. I appreciate your top tips and I also appreciate the reflections you have shared.’




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