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‘From Alton to the ends of the earth’ – latest recruit sent forth from Anna Chaplaincy’s birthplace

Revd Andrew Micklefield, vicar of the Parish of the Resurrection, Alton, with new Anna Chaplain Kate Powell and the bishop of Basingstoke, Right Revd David Williams.

St Lawrence Church, Alton, rang with the words of Bishop David Williams yesterday: ‘Anna Chaplaincy is an innovative creative partnership from Alton to the ends of the earth. Anna Chaplaincy has so much to give to older people everywhere and Alton should be proud to have been the pioneers behind its success.’

Kate Powell is the fourth Anna Chaplain since 2010 to serve in the Hampshire communities where Anna Chaplaincy began. It is a joint Anglican and Methodist initiative through the Greater Alton Project, GAP. The concept of Anna Chaplaincy was gifted by GAP to BRF, to be scaled up nationally, from 2014.

Kate said after the service: ‘It was such an honour to be commissioned by Bishop David – especially as he was once my vicar (at Christ Church, Winchester) and has christened two of my children and confirmed the other. He spoke so highly of the growing Anna Chaplaincy movement and his prayer during the service was particularly heartfelt.’

‘May her hands be ready to do your work. May her eyes be open to recognise those in need. May her ears hear soft-spoken words of pain and sorrow. May her voice speak of healing and peace. May her feet walk the extra mile with those who falter. May she always be aware of your presence guiding her and your loving protection around her in all that she does. Amen’

More than 200 people had gathered at St Lawrence Church, Alton, (on 24 April 2022) to witness the commissioning of Kate in her paid, part-time, post, as well as support confirmation candidates and for the reauthorisation of a licensed lay minister in the parish.




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