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Getting creative indoors

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Rainbows everywhere! Seeing the efforts of children and their parents busy painting and crafting behind windows set our network thinking…

Inspired by the nation's creativity during lockdown, Anna Chaplain in Chichester, LouLou Morris, has put together this Thought for the Day full of clever, colourful, ideas to fire your imagination, though she insists the credit must go to Jayne @thewomanfredi and @CreatedWithHope.

Funeral prayers for use at home

Meanwhile, the Revd Sally Rees, Anna Chaplaincy Lead for Wales, sent us two new resources you might like to copy or share. She says: Today I have written a short service to share with those who are unable to attend a funeral service of a loved one; one that they can use at home. Download it here.

Comforting hearts

Sally has also sent us news of an idea she gleaned from her 'online community magazine in Crickhowell of how to knit pairs of hearts, so that one can be sent into hospital or a care home and one can be kept with the person they love as a way of "being' together".' It was originally the idea of a nurse working in an intensive care unit. Here's how to make your own matching pairs of comforting hearts.

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