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Hearing God's call - in retirement

Debbie Thrower has written an article for the BRF website about some of the people who have responded to God's call to them to become Anna Chaplains and have discovered meaning and purpose along the way.

Take Pam Shaw, for example:

Pam Shaw, Anna Chaplain, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Following God’s call in later life

It is certainly true that older people make effective Anna Chaplains – some of the most senior in years have led the return to ministry in care homes this past year. At 84, Pam Shaw, Anna Chaplain in Lowestoft, Suffolk, was one of the first to get back into her local care home and sometimes sees up to 15 residents – one at a time – in a single day.

Reflecting on her initial return during the pandemic, Pam is grateful for the encouragement she’s received, including from the core team at BRF:

'I feel so grateful for the amazing support of everyone involved, including the Anna Chaplaincy team, and for the positive first visit. The highlight was a 98-year-old saying she had been a Christian since going to Sunday school, where they sang "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam." She duly sang it to me as she was wheeled down the corridor on her way back to her room!'




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