• Debbie Thrower

'I have seen it all, my child'

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

'I am the Alpha and the Omega

I am the beginning and the end

I have seen it all, my child

Every dip and bump and bend...'

Canterbury Cathedral

Catherine Clowes, Anna Chaplaincy network member in North Yorkshire, has adapted a poem she composed about Covid-19 and Christ, in response to a request from fellow network members who hoped to use part of what she had written for the funeral of their close friend.

It was said to be 'perfect' for the occasion - and it so relevant to these uncertain times. Catherine was 'touched and humbled' that her words have gone on to be used in this way:

His Everlasting Arms

On His everlasting arms

That is the place that I must lean

For the things I fear ahead of me

He knows, He has already seen

The uncertain time that I am in

Is no surprise to Him

He knew that it was coming

Before it even did begin

And as the way forward remains unclear

The anxiety in me increases

Not sure what is safe or what to believe

The confusion can leave me in pieces

It was easy when I felt in control

When I didn’t need to make so many choices

Is there something I should do or should I just be?

So much noise and so many different voices

When my head is spinning and I cannot see straight

When I can’t see the wood for the trees