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International Day for Older Persons, Sunday 1 October: A day to connect across the generations

Why should you mark this day, particularly, asks Debbie Ducille, BRF’s church lead for Anna Chaplaincy. Well, it’s a good day to be thankful for the older people in your life who have inspired you, prayed for you, given you time and space to be yourself. It’s a good day to look around at your locality and think what it might be like to age well here, in terms of social, digital and physical inclusion, and how you might help challenge ageism. And it might be the perfect day to share a smile with someone older, greet them, listen to their stories and concerns, and let them know you are so pleased that they are part of your community. We are delighted to know that many Anna Chaplains mark this day with services, activities and fund-raising: do send in your news and photos!



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