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Just Be

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Our thanks to Anna Chaplaincy network member Catherine Clowes, who is Community Link Enabler for the Ripon and Lower Dales Methodist Circuit, North Yorkshire, and has sent in this poem for us to share during 'this strange situation we are in at the moment'.

Just Be

Just be at home

How can that be so hard to do?

Most of our lives we long to slow down

Now we can there’s so much to pursue!

Just be apart

From those not known and those we love

We must keep at a safe distance

Our hearts burst with the build-up of love

Just be at work

Be it at home or on the frontline

Whether we’re fighting the virus head on

Or we’re meeting with colleagues on Zoom time!

Just be at school

All this home teaching wasn’t part of the deal!

Such pressure to keep up high standards

Know you’re doing great no matter how you feel

Just be patient

Although it feels like we’ll never get through

We’re told that if we follow the rules

This time will pass, we can start anew!

Just be at peace

Our heavenly Father has got this in hand

He hears our cries for his hurting world

He will come to heal our land

Just be at rest

Give him your worries and your fears

Let him hold you in his loving arms

Let him wipe away your tears

Just be his child

That is all we’re called to be

We can trust him with our future

Let him love you tenderly

Just be!

© Catherine Clowes, March 2020



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