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Knitting, and more knitting... 'and, of course, chocolates for the staff'...

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Anna Chaplains are great at cottoning on to good ideas. Sue Yeo in Kent explains how reading a blog post inspired her and a team of church knitters:


Two members of the Anna Chaplaincy team in Maidstone are continuing to record DVD worship for distribution to the homes in our area. These DVDs were initially thought of as a way of reaching out to residents we were unable to visit due to Covid. They have been a great success and we are continuing with these at special times of the year. Our next recording will be for Harvest.

I produced a DVD entitled 'Summer of Hope' recently and, as before, the local schoolchildren, before they broke up for summer, produced pictures, poetry, prayers and stories in large quantities so that each care home in Maidstone received some of their efforts along with the DVD.

It is so good to have Anna Chaplaincy on Facebook, a lovely way of keeping up with Anna Chaplains around the country and also picking up ideas – the latest from Bedlington about those who have been knitting 'hand' crosses and distributing them in the homes. They found the hand-knitted crosses were a great comfort. So our St Martin's, Maidstone, knitting group is busy knitting lots and lots of these and we will be distributing them to residents along with our Christmas service DVD, in due course, as a small Christmas gift for them – oh, and of course chocolates for the staff.

Sue Yeo

Anna Chaplain, Maidstone



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