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Loneliness in Older People - A new resource

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Loneliness in Older People: Guidance on how Christian faith organisations can support older people facing loneliness has recently been published and contains a helpful section on Anna Chaplaincy for Older People.

Written for Faith in Later Life, by Professor Keith Brown and Karen Grimshaw, and endorsed by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Longevity, this guidance resource expertly sets out the context of loneliness amongst older people (in the UK) and also recognises the work that Christian organisations are involved in in this area. It shares helpful ideas and tools to enable groups and individuals to engage with loneliness in a variety of contexts.

Church communities and Christian organisations have been, and remain, at the forefront of civil society efforts to raise awareness of the debilitating impact of loneliness, as well as creating communities and relationships that go some way to tackling loneliness. This guidance shares information about a variety of Christian organisations involved with addressing loneliness – as well as reminding us of the inherent value of older people. This resource is free to download at the bottom of this blog post.

It is one of two very useful recent publications, the other is, Guidance for Christian faith organisations in the support and value of older people, which came out in 2020. You can find more information about that publication on the Faith in Later Life website.




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