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New Anna Chaplain who's also a 'Story Chaplain'

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Charlotte Evans (nee Overton-Hart) has been married in the last year... and become an Anna Chaplain today! We were delighted to commission her in an online service attended by her mother and mother-in-law as well as her colleagues and fellow Anna Chaplains in Brighton and Hove, Emily Kenward and Julie Williams.

Charlotte is a story chaplain. She says she has been inspired by the time she spent with her Gran. Charlotte founded social enterprise Story Chaplain, which encourages and equips people to use everyday creativity when spending time with people living with dementia, through resources and workshops. She has an MA in Bibliotherapy (fiction therapy), and uses 'Comfort Words', poems and creative writing in her workshops. Charlotte often uses connection with nature and the seasons to encourage meaningful moments.

As a Story Chaplain she already has much experience in this field. There is, of course, so much use of story in older people’s ministry and we know she is looking forward to using her skills at listening and interpreting people’s stories in her Anna Chaplaincy work.

She is working closely with the Sussex-based charity Time to Talk Befriending and has become an Anna Chaplain as part of the Time to Talk Anna Chaplaincy team.

Emily says that 'meeting Charlotte in a coffee shop in 2014 was one of the greatest gifts from the Lord. Charlotte has not only become a personal friend of the charity, but her expertise and giftings have added great value to the work that we undertake with older people and the support we provide to our volunteers. Charlotte is extremely honouring of all people. She has a natural gift for bringing out the best in others and insight into how to create meaningful moments of connection. We are truly grateful to benefit from her support over the years and we are very excited about welcoming Charlotte to the Anna Chaplaincy team! She will no doubt continue to be a wonderful support to us as a charity but also to the network. '

Also attending the commissioning were Anna Chaplaincy coordinators, Alex Burn and Wendy Hopkins. Alex said it was 'a joyful and reverend' occasion. We look forward very much to following Charlotte and her colleagues' progress in East Sussex.



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