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New loneliness report – what government intends to do to help

The ‘Tackling Loneliness’ annual report (February 2022) has been published:

‘Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to highlight how crucial it is to feel connected with others. Many of us have been able to reconnect with our loved ones in person again. We have been able to be together in our communities, too. Local organisations across the country have continued to adapt and provide opportunities for people to connect safely.

‘However, we know that a large number of people felt lonely and isolated in this country long before the pandemic. That is why, three years ago, the government published a strategy to tackle loneliness and build a more connected society.

‘We know that people who felt lonely before the pandemic are likely to continue to feel this way even without restrictions in place. There are also those who have lost confidence because of the impacts of COVID-19, and who may struggle to reconnect or feel left behind as restrictions ease. For these reasons, tackling loneliness has remained — and will continue to be — a priority for this government.’

The government details three objectives:

1. Reducing stigma by building the national conversation on loneliness, so that people feel able to talk about loneliness and reach out for help.

2. Driving a lasting shift so that relationships and loneliness are considered in policy-making and delivery by organisations across society, supporting and amplifying the impact of organisations that are connecting people.

3. Playing our part in improving the evidence base on loneliness, making a compelling case for action, and ensuring everyone has the information they need to make informed decisions through challenging times.

Read the full report here


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