• Debbie Thrower

Latest network member in Wales

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

A warm welcome to Pam Cram, our latest Anna Chaplaincy network member, who's based in South Wales.

Pam was on our week-long certificate course on Ministry among Older People at Cliff College, Derbyshire, in February. She says:

'I am a retired Methodist minister, and for eight years have been involved in a small community project in Clydach in the Swansea valley, where a lot of our clientele are "older people". As well as a seated exercise group, and a popular well-being group in our own very small premises, we also arrange tea and hymns in a local church hall, which is attended by residents from one care home regularly, and two other homes occasionally, as well as local individual residents.

'Everything is on hold at the moment because of Covid-19. This has made conversation about Anna Chaplaincy with the church and the project rather difficult. Once things open up again I hope to go out to pastoral/fellowship groups around our Methodist Circuit to share my learning from the recent Ministry among Older People course. I've contacted the most local care home to begin to explore the spiritual needs of their residents with their manager, and depending on how that proceeds would then look at contacting the other care homes in the area in the same way. We can then see where this will lead myself and our project.'

We wish Pam well as she pursues this calling to reach out to older people in her area.