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No boring grannies!

Gangsta Granny rules okay!

To celebrate National Storyteller Week, Maggie Rich tells us how year 3 and year 4 at her village school listened to the first part of the story of Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.

The story was told to them – they didn't have to read it themselves – as they followed Ben’s initial journey of discovery from ‘Boring!’... to ‘Wow!’ as he saw granny change from a boring old lady to an international jewel thief.

They have now been set the task of talking to their own grannies (or grandads or great-grandparents) to find out what stories they each have to tell.

They will be bringing them all together as a class book with the title: ‘My Granny’s Not Boring’.

Our thanks to Maggie in Newtown, Powys, Mid Wales, for letting us know about this!




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