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Nuts and bolts of phone worship

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

I was so astonished at how many one-to-one phone call church services one Anna Chaplain is offering that I asked Elizabeth Bryson to tell us exactly how she goes about it.

Elizabeth, who is based in Maidstone, explains: 'I led 20 Telephone Services on Tuesday – ten at each of the two care homes I phone on a Tuesday afternoon.

'Today I led telephone services for 16 residents at another care home – ten this morning and six this afternoon! It is a ministry enjoyed and appreciated by the residents and so the Activities Coordinators are pleased to walk round with the phone.

'It is a wonderful way to give spiritual care to care home residents in lockdown. Thirty-six telephone services in a week is the most I have done so far. It is great that the Activities Coordinators "introduce me" to more residents, some of them new people, who they think will enjoy a telephone service.'

Elizabeth has supplied some specific examples of 'Telephone services with Bible verses and hymns that residents in care homes have enjoyed'.

In a previous blog (on 7 May 2020) I introduced the fact that Elizabeth was ministering in this way. You might like to read it here.

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