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One page summary of Anna Chaplaincy progress

Anna Chaplaincy has made huge strides in the last decade or so. It has become a real force for change according to both a survey of our network and users and independent research commissioned by BRF.

A special delivery from Southampton Anna Chaplains

You might like to download a copy of the summary that's just published. You'll find it on the Anna Chaplaincy website.

Following a special tenth anniversary service marking Anna Chaplaincy's decade in existence held in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, in February 2020, we decided it was time to take stock: to evaluate the work to date and plan for the future.

The results of that evaluation, combining an internal survey and external audit, have now been published in some detail, at a time when issues surrounding the care of older people have never been more centre stage because of the pandemic.

Download either the full report or the synopsis from our Resources section to gain an accurate picture of how the movement is gaining traction in many different parts of the UK.




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