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Pastoral resources for lockdown

Updated: May 6, 2020

Anna Chaplaincy Lead for Wales, Sally Rees, is arming her 30-plus pastoral team with a host of resources to share with older people and their carers.

Each week she emails a selection of Bible texts, prayers, hymn suggestions and reflections so that those they're phoning – who they'd normally visit in person – have a good starting point.

You may get a flavour of the sorts of themes she's basing her resources on here. 'They have had a slightly different slant each week. I started with some scriptures of comfort. I was then led by Easter readings, and more recently I have gone through the Lord's Prayer, for the last two weeks.

'Next week I am going to start going through Psalm 23, the Lord is my shepherd, line by line. I have found it easier to take something as a whole for a week or so, rather than choose "odd" verses, but I will still do that if something specific is laid on my heart.'

This week, Sally is encouraging all her pastoral team to engage with the new Daily Hope free phone line geared towards people at home without internet access. She is asking each team- member to use the phone line themselves and select a different option each day so they experience it for themselves and can recommend it to others.

'We are really hoping that the Daily Hope phone line will bless them all this week. I think it's an amazing resource. I have sent posters to each of our care homes with the Daily Hope line number and information on what is available.'

Sally has also given all the care homes copies of the BRF Bible Reflections for Older People 'so that they can be read to residents'.

'The aim of my sending resources is really so that the pastoral visitors have something ready at hand to share with those they are speaking with, if and when able.'

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