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Remembering lives - Hospice Biographies

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

How many of us wish we had spoken in more detail with our late relatives before it was too late? A charity called 'The Hospice Biographers' got in touch with us after the BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship earlier this month (21 March 2021) to ask if we'd like to know more about their work.

'We record on audio the life stories of end-of-life patients in hospices, palliative care at home, hospitals and care homes throughout the UK,' write the founder, Barbara Altounyan.

'Our professional services are free of charge and due to Covid our life stories are now conducted over the phone and via WhatsApp. We also connect and record heart-warming conversations between families who live across the U.K. and between different continents.

'We have also created another free audio recording service called Family-Talk. This is for non-palliative care elderly people who wish to have their life stories recorded over the phone or via WhatsApp or wish to be connected with relatives from across Britain and overseas. We’ve recorded about 150 families since last March. Our response has been enormous.'

The website includes testimonials from those who have benefited from their service.


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