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Senior saints? Why the church needs them…

You might be interested in this online article from The Gospel Coalition spelling out why churches can miss out in a major way by not encouraging older Christians.

It is written from an American perspective but its message holds good for many churches here in the UK, writes Debbie Thrower, who do not yet prioritise work with older people – especially among those now living in care homes.

It can all too easily be a case of out of pew means out of sight and so… out of mind. We need to help people of all ages to keep on growing spiritually.

The article concludes:

‘The whole body of Christ needs our seniors to pray for us, advise us, and support us. But this won’t happen well, at least not with regularity, unless pastors and members intentionally reach out and challenge them to grow – even in their old age.’
‘Dear seniors, please show us how to live in light of eternity. Show us how to wean our affections from the world. Show us how to prepare for life in heaven and the new Jerusalem. We need you!’

It is written by Douglas A. Sweeney, dean of Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama.




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