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Serving development of Anna Chaplaincy in Portsmouth Diocese

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Debbie Ducille (church lead), with Revd Sam Martell and Anna Chaplain Coleen Jackson (strategy group cochairs)
Coleen Jackson speaking at Newport Minster, Isle of Wight

Things have certainly been moving on apace in the diocese of Portsmouth, ever since Bishop Jonathan shared his vision, in April, to see an Anna Chaplain in every benefice. The strategy group – a team initiated by the bishop – of local clergy, lay leadership and BRF staff has been hard at work, learning together and putting processes in place so that this can become a reality in the weeks, months and years ahead.

After initial meetings in May, presentations about Anna Chaplaincy have been offered across the diocese at the deanery level throughout the last month, drawing on biblical underpinnings for our ministry, the national picture and what the process might look like, particularly in this diocese. Over 80 people attended these presentations, with lively discussion and practical questions raised at them all.

Presenting at St Mary's Church, Portsea

A final information session via Zoom will be on offer for those who were unable to attend in person, on Wednesday 20 July. For this and all related information, please go to the excellent Anna Chaplaincy page on the diocese of Portsmouth’s website.

Anna Chaplain 'to be' in Newport, Isle of Wight, Claire Whately
Jill Phipps demonstrating Godly Play at the 2017 Anna Chaplaincy annual Gathering at High Leigh, Hertfordshire.

Huge thanks go to all members of the strategy group for their commitment and energy, particularly to Sam and Coleen as cochairs, and to Jill Phipps, who has waited prayerfully over the years for this day! We join with Jill and the team, rejoicing in the rapidly growing interest in ministry amongst older people that is emerging.



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