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  • Debbie Ducille

The power of poetry

David Corfe was in touch with us at BRF Ministries recently. He often writes poetry to reflect on life and to express his thoughts, and local Anna Chaplains in the Caraway Project Southampton regularly use David’s poems as part of their Vintage Adventure publications.

‘I’m delighted to share this poem of David’s with you, our blog readers,’ writes Debbie Ducille. ‘Thank you, David, for capturing hopes and fears familiar to many of us as we grow older, and your beautiful, heartfelt prayer at the close.’

Yes I am truly old;

where has my energy gone?

And why do level roads

now feel like mini mountains

where I must pause for breath?

How precious is my stick,

how precious now my bus pass!

Till now I was independent,

proud of my physique

and the wisdom of my years;

how distant that all seems

now I must ask for lifts

and many a helping hand;

dependence doesn't come easy.

Now I am really old

I must take care, beware

the warm self-pitying pools

that lie so close to the road,

hold the hand that holds me

even in my deviations

as I wobble down the years;

re-learn my dependence, like the little boy

who turned to mum and dad

when he was afraid.

How much I need you, Lord.

If I must learn through weakness

then go on teaching me.

Fill my emptiness

with all your fulness Lord.

Saturate my life,

my loving God, with yours;

for you are my breath, my energy,

my stick, my pass, my goal.



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