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The variety of worship now available online

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Vicar of St Mary's, Charlton Kings, Graham Bowkett

We may lament not being able to actually enter a church building during lockdown, but one advantage is being able to share worship with a variety of different clergy and worshippers all over the country.

Take Sunday's (26 April 2020) Holy Communion service, for instance at St Mary's Church, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Those confined to home – whether by age, disability or in compliance with government advice – could find much to inspire them through its focus on Jesus meeting disciples on the Road to Emmaus.

Presiding is the Revd Graham Bowkett. The sermon is preached by experienced Reader (or Licensed Lay Minister) Jean Huckett. The readings are from Acts 2:14, 36–41 and Luke 24:13–35. Two well-known hymns are featured: Angel Voices (Descant – Fortin), and

Crown Him with Many Crowns(Tune – Diadenata, Elvey).

You can join the service here.

Or you might like to drop in on St Mary's at Home, Shalford, Surrey, where the Revd Sarah Lloyd and parishioners spent much of the Sunday Eucharistic service outdoors reflecting on Jesus' resurrection appearances.

Meanwhile, in the Parish of the Resurrection, Alton, where Anna Chaplaincy began back in 2010, the Revd Andrew Micklefield and friends – including Anna Chaplain, the Revd Rachel Sturt – are reaching people far and wide through their online services on YouTube.

So, looking on the bright side, it's convenient – you don't have to get dressed up and can worship at a time to suit you! And for those who don't have internet access, don't forget the new free phone number Daily Hope launched this week – 0800 804 8044. Daily Hope offers hymns, prayers and advice 24 hours a day.



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