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Three Anna Friends in Kendal tell their story…

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

From Kendal with love: the famous sweetmeat of the Lake District has kept travellers going over the long haul for gnerations
‘I’m attracted by the basic simplicity of Anna ministry.’

We are pleased to welcome three Anna Friends in Kendal. Margaret Tomlinson, Maureen Stevens and Graeme Moore join Anna Chaplain Beverley Moore in her ministry at Kendal parish church and across the town. The three new volunteer Anna Friends were commissioned by Revd Canon Shanthi Thompson on 4 September 2022. They bring different gifts and skills to support this expanding ministry in Kendal.

Anna Chaplain Beverley Moore, with Anna Friends Graeme Moore, Margaret Tomlinson and Maureen Stevens

Here they briefly introduce themselves:


Margaret has lived in Kendal for twelve years. ‘On moving to Kendal, I trained as a town centre chaplain and did that work until Covid changed the world! I really like chaplaincy work and trying to help people and so I began to help Beverley, our Anna Chaplain. I also help with a well-being café. I'm so grateful for the opportunities God has given me and I'm certain that I get more benefit from the things I do than I'm able to give. I'm getting older myself and can fully appreciate how age, infirmity and loneliness can impact the lives of older people and I'm very anxious to ensure that people don't slip off the radar as they become less able to get to church.’


‘After retiring from employment as teacher/lecturer in school and college I served in different churches as pastoral assistant and reader as well as partnering delivery of discipleship and pastoral care courses and involvement in vocational advice. Stepping back from being an active reader two years ago gave me space to consider “What next?” And much to my surprise, here I am now licensed as an Anna Friend. I’m attracted by the basic simplicity of Anna ministry; the one-to-one relationship sharing joys and sorrows, listening to and affirming life stories, being still together and acknowledging the presence of God in our lives whatever the circumstances. It is also important to me that this ministry stretches across denominations and is available to older people beyond the boundaries of church membership. It is truly God for all.’


‘In my childhood, I was a choir boy at St Andrew's Church, Darlington where I grew up. Having left school at 16 I embarked on a career in the armed forces and then followed my love of music into mobile discos and stage management. This left little time for church life. However that all changed when I met my now wife Beverley. As we got to know each other her words were, “I go to church every Sunday and am involved in church life which is important to me and you are very welcome to join me but I understand if this is not for you.” Well, I joined her on my first weekend over to Kendal and we have both been regular attendees at Holy Trinity Kendal ever since. It has been wonderful to be able to share worship with others once again following Covid and also to support Beverley as she has been called to minister as an Anna Chaplain. My role as an Anna Friend is to support Beverley with all the behind scenes technological support and to assist in bringing services into local care homes and the monthly tea service in church each month.’




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