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Web of the Week - WOW guide for new internet users

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

We've news of a guide for those bewildered by the choice available on the internet. Anna Chaplain in Rochester, Kent, Christine Seth-Smith drew our attention to Web of the Week (WOW), which is a weekly digest of stories and sites.

'It's a clever idea, and hopefully will give older people more confidence with the internet, as well as providing useful information and links,' she says.

The man behind WOW is Guy Vellacott. The website promises that every Sunday they'll be publishing 'ten FREE and uplifting things people can view do or share over the next week'.

Guy Vellacott is based in France, and when he's not curating the world's best good news stories, it seems, he's working for Airbus – in IT strategy – 'with a particular interest in communicating technical issues to non-technical people'.

If you're currently writing a church newsletter, this website might do some of the foot slog for you – finding novel ideas and stories to entertain your readers.

For someone spending time at home but who's unaccustomed to the internet, here's a site accentuating the positives in life that may be a welcome change from much media focused, understandably, on details of the pandemic.

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